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Atlassian Cloud Fortified - Identify enterprise-ready cloud apps

What is the Atlassian Cloud Fortified marketplace program?

In July, Atlassian announced its latest initiative for Marketplace apps, setting a new standard for security, reliability, and support - Cloud Fortified apps.

Marketplace trust signals exist to help you quickly identify apps that have gone above and beyond Atlassian's general standards to deliver an exceptionally secure and reliable cloud experience. (https://www.atlassian.com/trust/marketplace)

- Atlassian

We, as Decadis, are more than proud to be among the 25 apps participating in the beta program and making it into the launch pilot. Jira Workflow Toolbox and sumUp for Jira were awarded the badge, now visible on the Atlassian Marketplace. Standing in line with top vendors like Adaptavist, Deiser, draw.io, Gliffy, k15t, or Refined underlines our ambition to be one of the top Marketplace Partners worldwide.

Image: Birthday cake with a 10 on top for our JWT anniversary

Just another shiny badge or more?

One essential part of Atlassian's push into Cloud is the Atlassian Trust Center, focussing on four pillars

Due to the importance of Marketplace Apps - 60 % of customers use apps to customize and to extend Atlassian products - those pillars are augmented by a separate category of Marketplace App Trust.

Trust, security, reliability, and privacy are cornerstones of the relationship between Atlassian customers and our third-party Marketplace Partners. (https://www.atlassian.com/trust/marketplace)

- Atlassian

Which of our xApps by Decadis are Cloud Fortified?

Jira Workflow Toolbox and sumUp for Jira earned the Cloud Fortified badge. They already were Cloud Security Participants, the highest level you could reach at the time in which, among other things, participation in the Bug Bounty Program is also obligatory.


Building on the requirements for privacy and security, additional efforts are expected to apply for Cloud Fortified in two areas: reliability and support.

A variety of additional (practice) checks and the integration with Atlassian's incident and review process ensures increased reliability. Extended support is based on a 24 hour response time, five days a week for all critical customer support issues - a time frame that we had also set ourselves as a declared goal even before Cloud Fortified.

Your home Jira is your castle

In line with the recent announcement to increase the user limit to 20k users in July, Atlassian takes a clear stand on where they are heading with Cloud customers: Enterprise. And Cloud Fortified apps are ready to tag along on this journey.

Cloud Fortified Apps is the program for a new designation of apps designed to serve our largest customers and those with more business-critical operating requirements when it comes to apps. (https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/marketplace/cloud-fortified-apps-program/)

- Atlassian

How do you know an app qualifies as a Cloud Fortified apps? Check out the dedicated new category page or watch out for the watchtower:

And no, your eyes don't deceive you. Both Jira Workflow Toolbox and sumUp for Jira were additionally marked as Staff Picks. Another reason for us to celebrate and for you to try the apps today!

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