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How to bring the Hipchat dark theme to Slack

As of today, Hipchat Cloud and Stride Cloud have reached their end of life. If you have been using these tools in the past it is very likely you have already moved on.
We, as a team, decided to switch to Slack a while ago after having used Hipchat Cloud for a long time. We even gave Stride a shot after the beta was available and before it went bananas. ;-)
I bet one of the first and most important things you did after setting up the first channels and getting used to the tool, was to (re-) add all of the handpicked and highly important emojis and come up with funny and inspiring welcome messages. Am I right?
What next? Everybody in our team started looking for ways to customize the look and feel of our new communications hub. Coming from Hipchat, we were used to a dark theme and already missed that in Stride.

Apparently, others did too. The second ticket in Atlassian's public issue tracker for Stride was asking for this feature and has 655 votes as of today (STRIDE-2 Bring a dark mode to the Stride apps).
Unfortunately, there's no such feature available in Slack yet and it never made it into Stride.
What now? Well, we've got you covered and prepared two Hipchat styled themes. Curious? Follow my lead and:

  1. Go to User Menu > Preferences > Sidebar > Theme.
  2. At the bottom of the window, look for a field labeled "Copy and paste these values to share your custom theme with others".
  3. Paste one of the following values to the field to apply any of the new themes:
     #34393F,#292D32,#4C7ECB,#FFFFFF,#292D32,#FFFFFF,#77A856,#4C7ECB (Dark theme with blue mention badge)
     #34393F,#292D32,#4C7ECB,#FFFFFF,#292D32,#FFFFFF,#77A856,#F79F66 (Dark theme with orange mention badge)
Slack dark theme with blue mention badge
Slack dark theme with orange mention badge

Feels like coming home, right? And there are other ways to customize Slack beyond that (if it's just not quite dark enough yet). You can use another client like Sblack supporting a dark mode or manipulate the application resources on every platform loading custom CSS. Instructions can be found on the Internet and a good starting point is this Slack black theme project on GitHub. Even though changes have to be applied after every application update the result is quite worth a try:

Custom CSS Slack

If you have further questions regarding the end of life of Hipchat and Stride cloud and server products just browse to Atlassian's Migration Hub FAQ. They have you covered.
And now, sit back and enjoy your dark mode in Slack!
¡Viva la Hipchat!

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