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Jira Workflow Toolbox release 2.4.10

This is the last release compatible with Jira 6.3 - 7.2.15.
Version 2.4.9 was made private due to major problems with calculated fields.

Version 2.4.10 Jira Server 6.3 - 7.13

New features

  • Parser function: projectKey(string project_name) Returns a string with the project key from the project with the project_name.



  • Show 250 fields in field code injectors (instead of 50)
  • Syntax highlighting works when Insight is installed
  • Add a comment post function, author field is now limited to user picker fields
  • Documentation added to the parser test page and improved formatting of the parser results
  • Documentation improvements for some functions


Bug fixes

  • Fixed NullPointer in function projectCategory()
  • Workaround to prevent Lexorank Deadlock during the creation of several issues in one post function
  • Removed JWT calculated field values during index operations due to major problems while calculating index dependent function while the index is not available, JWT calculated fields are no longer searchable
  • Fixed problem setting Insight object fields
  • Fixed data access problem in the set or update a project property function
  • Fixed bug in Field is initialized validator when has changed  / has not changed options were selected
  • Calculated fields had been removed from the index in version 2.4.9 to prevent problems related to functions that require the index while the index is unavailable. Now the calculated fields are only removed from the index if functions are being used that require the index. e.g the function issuesFromJQL()
  • The isJwtTriggeredTransition() function did not respect the issue creation when triggered by Jira Workflow Toolbox itself
  • Fix in Ephemeral fields to prevent a NullPointer exception caused by empty objects generated by the Expression Parser Test page


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