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Jira Workflow Toolbox just became the complete automation solution for Jira


Hi to you from the xApps team!

A year ago we released our app Automation Toolbox to not only enable you to automate your daily work in Jira workflows but also match your business processes with automation rules listening to Jira's various events like field, issue, project, and system events.

With the latest 2.9.0 release of JWT, Automation Toolbox will become an integral part of Jira Workflow Toolbox because you should not need two apps for a common goal. - Building the best processes to support your teams.

But it is not just a merge...

JWT & Automation Toolbox are a perfect match

With the merge of the two products, Jira Workflow Toolbox has become the complete automation solution for your Jira on Server and Data Center platforms. The name remains the same, but now you can go way beyond your Jira workflows.

Automation beyond workflows

The release will add different kinds of automation rules and trigger types to your system. We like to give you a brief outline of the new key features:

Available event trigger in JWT

React to events with various triggers

Automation rules can be triggered by events in Jira to perform various actions. Typical events are fieldissueproject or system events (e.g. "A field was updated", "A new version was created"). A perfect match for automating instant actions like syncing fields between issues.

Scheduled rules for recurring jobs

Triggered at a defined time and interval, these rules are a great pick for any recurring jobs you want to perform in Jira. Escalate overdue issues or send self-composed e-mail reports with an easy configuration like you are used to from Filter subscriptions. 

Configuration of a scheduled rule in JWT
example configuration of a manually triggered rule in JWT

Manual rules for tedious tasks

The manual trigger is the best choice if you want to have full control over a rule execution. Use them for any housekeeping tasks like bulk-updating resolutions or one-off actions like simply testing your rule configuration.

Leave the context of workflows and perform operations you already know from our workflow post functions and more:

  • create
  • update
  • transition
  • link, and even delete issues

If you are familiar with our workflow features, it is not going to be a big adjustment at all. It is up to you to decide how you want to achieve your goal, we gladly provide you with the tools to do so and with the new automation rules, you can solve lots of new use cases! Find inspiration in our use case library.

For existing users of Automation Toolbox, we put together a small guide to help you successfully migrate existing rules to JWT.
Read more about other improvements and fixes we shipped with this release in our release notes.

A new central hub for starters and old stagers

If you want to directly jump in and get started creating your automation rules, find the editor grouped together with other JWT features like Schedules and the Expression parser test page in your Jira administration in the Apps administration pages.

And to combine explanations of features, where to find them in Jira and links to resources in the documentation and our support portal, we added a new Get started hub to JWT.

Access it easily and any time from the Manage app configuration of Jira Workflow Toolbox if you need guidance or support from us.
One last thing, we are still in the process of merging the documentations of Automation Toolbox and Jira Workflow Toolbox. For the time being, you will find all information in the respective product spaces on https://apps.decadis.net/.

And there's news about JWT for Jira Cloud

Big news for Jira Workflow Toolbox for Jira Cloud

In line with our public roadmap, we are living up to our commitments and recently added write support for all user-created custom fields and minor UI improvements in the Jira cloud.
All to make updating issues in Jira workflows as smooth and easy as possible.
Enjoy the extended list of selectable fields!

So what's next?

With your feedback, we have identified the key areas on which we will focus on our short-term roadmap like adding extended support for Jira expressions in post functions and JWT parser functions.

Our main goal is still to achieve the best possible feature parity across all Jira platforms for you! If you have not heard of Jira expressions yet or simply want to read more about it, we have compiled the basics, further reading, and examples in our documentation.

Are you curious about Jira Workflow Toolbox for Jira Cloud?

Do you have ideas for more improvements? Many new features and ideas for improvements come directly from customer feedback.
So get in touch or tweet us at @xAppsByDecadis to share yours.

- the xApps team

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