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sumUp for Jira 3.5.0 - Big summer feature release


Hi to you from the xApps team!

We have been busy working on sumUp for Jira and got some great things to show off for you because we just shipped the biggest feature release for sumUp for Jira so far!

We got down to work and focused on two main objectives:

  • Streamline the user experience in all of the areas of the app
  • Extend sumUp's functionality throughout Jira

We left no stone unturned and here's what the sumUp for Jira 3.5.0 release has to offer for you.

More locations for calculations

Starting with version 3.5.0, sumUp will offer calculations in the following places in Jira:

In the Issue Navigator,...

That's a classic for you, so we have focused here on fine-tuning its use.
We streamlined the way to can enable and disable calculations in the Issue Navigator and made it easier to toggle a permanent calculation for filters.

Do you want to visualize your search results on your dashboards from the issue search? We have an improvement for you there as well! Creating sumUp dashboards gadgets from the Issue Navigator is now done with a few clicks from the Export menu.

...in Service Desk Queues...

Similar to the way sumUp works in the issue navigator, you can now enable calculations in queues of Jira Service Desk. No further configuration is necessary in addition to your calculation rules.

...and on Boards

sumUp for Jira has arrived on boards! You are now able to display calculated values in columns and swimlanes on every board. Simply select the desired calculation rule in your board configuration and that's it!

Improvements for dashboard gadgets

We have not left the gadgets untouched and did some improvements to our selection of them - freshened up the optics a little, new names, this and that.
From now on you can find the following four gadgets provided by sumUp with new unified and distinct names in your Jira instance:

  • NEW: Filter Results (by sumUp)
  • Grouped Filter Results (by sumUp) - formerly SumUp Filter gadget
  • Two Dimensional Filter Statistics (by sumUp)
  • Work Log Report (by sumUp) - formerly SumUp Worklog Gadget

The Filter Results (by sumUp) gadget is the latest addition and will replace the built-in Jira Filter Results gadget, to which we have added a sum row in the past.

We will continue to support the additional sum row in the Jira default gadget for a certain time, but we recommend switching to the new gadget because of the added features, such as the option to use JQL queries instead of saved filters or the ability to give a new title to your gadget on the dashboard.

Now integrating with third-party apps

We asked ourselves what would be a great place to offer you even more of sumUp's calculations in Jira? And we found an answer:

We are officially introducing third-party app support with sumUp 3.5.0 and kick it off with integrating sumUp into Issue Matrix for Jira by our good friends at Botron Software.

Be it estimates, costs, or any other numbers, they are now displayed in an additional sum row directly below the Issue Matrix table and you can easily enable and disable sumUp for Issue Matrix custom fields individually in the custom field configuration.

The third-party app support also comes with a new global configuration to enable calculations for Jira applications (Core, Software, and Service Desk) and supported apps individually.

Read more about other improvements and fixes we shipped with this release in our release notes in the Atlassian Marketplace and let us know what you think about it.

Do you have ideas for more improvements? Many new features and ideas for improvements come directly from customer feedback.
So get in touch or tweet us at @xAppsByDecadis to share yours.

- the xApps team

Written by

Max Förster
Atlassian Solutions

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