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Timesheet Check for Jira

Make your Tempo time management comply with legal requirements & policies


The days where working times are tracked on a piece of paper are over - in most parts of the world, working hours need to be digitally tracked by law. But what about guidelines, legal requirements, and working laws?

Timesheet Check for Jira is a solution that builds on the power of Tempo Timesheets. Set up rules that reflect these regulations, or even use preset rules that relate to the EU's Working Time Directive, combine them into reports, and run them against the Tempo timesheets you want to check - from daily rest periods to average working hours. 

All checks passed? Sit back, relax, and don't stop worrying about timesheets (and potential penalties).

Image: The Timesheet Check monster app icon on the Decadis X

Seamless integration with Tempo Timesheets

Timesheet Check builds on and only works with Tempo Timesheets, which ships all the features to track working timesbreaksholidays, and non-working days successfully. 

It leverages the data tracked in Tempo Timesheets, including Tempo Team memberships, and takes it to a new level by adding a layer of checks to ensure the data is compliant with working laws or internal guidelines - for individuals or entire teams.

Rule-based timesheet check

Timesheet Check comes with basic metrics like length of working days or daily rest periods to get started right away. Based on these metrics, rules are set up and ready to go in minutes to meet any regulations or internal company policies.

Reliable reports for users, teams & organizations

Reports are the connection between rules and timesheets.

All rules defined in a report will be checked against the selected timesheets to instantly show you whether a timesheet has passed or failed the checks.

If checks fail, you will get details on the when and why



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