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xApps News and Summit Recap - April 2019

A wise man and friend once said "Summit is a week of your life that you will never get back". True story.

But, apart from little and jetlag-dominated sleep, a lot of coffee and miles of walking around (and to) the expo hall, you simply get so much out of Summit each year.
You learn a lot and most importantly, get the chance to spend a few days with like-minded and interesting people - customers, fellow partners and Atlassians.

At this point we could start talking about all the things we learned in Las Vegas but we'll leave that up to Atlassian.
Check out the founder's blog post for all the news that were announced at Summit: 

Let's talk about what kept us busy the last few weeks or even months instead...

It's Tool Time

We think of our little monsters as apps or tools that help Jira and Confluence users to get more out of their Atlassian applications. Fun fact: Two of them even share the word "Toolbox" in their product names so we decided to focus on that theme for Summit.

Remember Wilson? The neighbor that never showed his face and always hides behind a fence?
Guess what? Our Wilson this year was the third member of the Toolbox family that joined us on Monday Apr. 8th while we were attending the official Developer Day at Summit.
On that day we officially shipped two releases:
major JWT release and the initial Marketplace release of Automation Toolbox for Jira

Automation Toolbox for Jira

We unchained the expression parser from a workflow context and created a brand new app called Automation Toolbox for Jira
We realized that automation, being one of the biggest topics at Summit, is an integral part of our customers daily operations.

While JWT helped automating processes through post functions, Automation Toolbox for Jira lets you automate almost everything on an event trigger basis.
No workflow context needed!

Try evaluating the app today or grab your 50% Early Bird discount today!

Read the full story

JWT 2.5.0

Packed with new featuresimprovements and bugfixes, Jira Workflow Toolbox 2.5.0 was shipped to all customers during Summit. We even have a brand new product video!
From an xApps library which is also being used in Automation Toolbox for Jira to new post functions and expression parser functions, this major release includes many highly requested updates.

Got your attention? Read the full story here!

One more thing

Admin Toolbox for Jira 2.8.0 will be released very soon and with it (among many other features) the old and new filters for custom fields!

Stay tuned!
Your xApps team



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